About Us

Our Vision

To meet the growing need to relieve financial & emotional distress for people affected by death, leaving them free to grieve.

Bereavement Assistance Ltd enables dignity in death.

How we work

We are a community service organisation that provides quality funerals for Victorians who can’t afford a commercial service.

We provide the actual funeral service: cremation or burial, including chapel or church service with an experienced funeral celebrant if required.

We provide low-cost funeral services for the disadvantaged in society: victims of crime, ethnic communities, those on social security, the indigenous community or simply people with no family or friends.

Low cost does not mean low quality. Our services are equal to the best a commercial funeral director can provide. Our experienced arrangers, all women, between them have decades of experience in the industry.

We are partly funded by the Government of Victoria.

We work with the State Coroner’s Office, Victoria Police, Centrelink, Justice Department, and Department of Human Services, and social workers in many hospitals and palliative care homes across Victoria.