Our Funeral Services

A Modest, Private unattended cremation or burial

From $1,200


  • Professional Service Fee
  • Death Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Mortuary Care
  • Transportation
  • Basic Coffin
  • Viewing (our Oakleigh Chapel)

# Plus Crematorium or cemetery fees

A Service in our Chapel followed by private cremation or burial

From $1,970


  • Professional Service Fee
  • Death Certificate
  • Doctor’s Certificate
  • Transfer of Deceased (metro)
  • Mortuary Care
  • Polished Coffin
  • Viewing in our Oakleigh Chapel
  • Celebrant (arranged by us via Phone, email)
  • Silken floral tribute
  • Memorial book
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee)

# Plus Crematorium or cemetery fees




Please make initial inquiries by telephone or email.

Main office number: (03) 9564-7778

Email: info@bereavementassistance.org.au

There are many variations and options. Our funeral arrangement will discuss these with you. Some options and services are —

At-home funeral
A service in your home.

Sustainable funeral
A no-coffin burial at a picturesque ‘green’ cemetery.

Overseas Repatriation
We are equipped to carry out overseas repatriation of the deceased where required for cultural reasons

No service funeral
We arrange for cremation and return the remains if required. No attendance by family is required. This is often done where a memorial service will be held later or perhaps interstate or overseas. We can scatter the ashes on Port Phillip Bay.

Chapel Service
One of our experienced funeral celebrants will conduct a beautiful and moving chapel service in our own chapel or one of the crematorium chapels. It can include an audiovisual presentation of the deceased’s life. Where the chapel has recording facilities a video record of the service is available at no extra cost. Alternatively a minister or priest can conduct a religious service in the chapel.

Graveside Service
For a burial the entire service can take place at the graveside. Alternatively there can be a chapel service followed by a graveside committal.

Church Service
We can take the deceased to your church where the priest or minister can conduct a religious service. This can be followed by cremation or graveside committal. There are additional costs for this type of service.

Usually we offer several types of coffin and these are on display at our Oakleigh offices. A basic coffin is included in our service fee. More elaborate coffins are available at a modest mark-up to cover handling.

Viewings and Dressing
Dressing and viewing of the deceased is possible. Additional costs are involved. If required please discuss this with our funeral arranger.

Press Notices, flowers, refreshments
We have a number of attractive ‘sustainable’ casket sheafs for use at no cost. Additional costs are involved for fresh flowers and newspaper notices. If required please discuss this with our funeral arranger. A basic newspaper notice is included in our service fee but but longer or additional notices are charged for at-cost.